SoFresh Travel Tongue Cleaner – each unit


Amazing Tool To Fight Bad Breath for Travellers

Foldable & Compact Design
Assorted Colours – Mix & Match


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Amazing Tool To Fight & Prevent Bad Breath (Foldable & Compact Design)

Dental Researches have shown up to 90% of Bad Breath cases are caused by Harmful Bacteria that are not Removable by Brushing, Flossing or Gargling alone. Complete your Daily Oral Care by Cleaning you Tongue too.

Tongue Cleaning is clinically proven to be the single most effective way to reduce BAD BREATH.

The SoFresh Tongue Cleaner has a Unique & Patented non-gagging shaped curves work smoothly and comfortably with the contours of your Tongue. Its concave head with a scraping edge specially designed, fitting the shape of the tongue to clean all the way to the back where most of the bacteria and decaying food particles stick.