The presence of germs cannot be avoided. Of course, not all of them are good; some can be quite harmful and even cause illness. They are present in the atmosphere, soil, and water. We all have them in and on our bodies. Even the surfaces and objects we touch can harbour bacteria. That includes the pest that brings bacteria. We can’t avoid insects as they exist everywhere and anywhere. What more to say if you are staying in Singapore, where you experience high humidity and temperature typical in a typically tropical climate. 

In these challenging times, taking care of your health and hygiene is important. Advance Lifestyles is determined to make a difference through our products, which do just that and offer a great beginning to a chemical-free way to eliminate bacteria and germs. 

Insect repellents often contain harmful chemicals. It doesn’t bother you, but it can affect the environment. With natural ingredients, there will be no more exposure to toxic chemicals, no more contracting common illnesses or dealing with bacteria. Advance Lifestyle’s goal is to get you off to a good start with your new healthy routine.