Travel Tongue Cleaner (Foldable & Compact Design)


Travel Tongue Cleaner (Foldable & Compact Design)


Amazing Tool To Fight & Prevent Bad Breath for People Always On-The-Go
Foldable & Compact Design
Assorted Colours – Mix & Match

Amazing Tool To Fight & Prevent Bad Breath (Foldable & Compact Design) for People Always On-The-Go

Dental Researches have shown up to 90% of Bad Breath cases are caused by Harmful Bacteria that are not Removable by Brushing, Flossing or Gargling alone. Complete your Daily Oral Care by Cleaning you Tongue too.

Tongue Cleaning is clinically proven to be the single most effective way to reduce BAD BREATH.

The GoFresh Travel Tongue Cleaner has a Unique & Patented non-gagging shaped curves work smoothly and comfortably with the contours of your Tongue. Its concave head with a scraping edge specially designed, fitting the shape of the tongue to clean all the way to the back where most of the bacteria and decaying food particles stick.



Benefits of Tongue Scraping

Beside preventing bad breath, proper digestion begins with taste and salivation. Not removing toxic mucus on the tongue can lead to blocked taste buds.  Scraping  build-up coating the tongue will open up its pores and result in greater enjoyment of food flavors, as well as digestion.

The unique concave head of SoFresh Tongue Cleaner easily reaches the back of the tongue to scrape off food debris and bacteria.

Experience The Freshness You Need!

Every day the average person spends six minutes brushing their teeth. That’s 2,190 minutes spent brushing in a given year. Despite the astronomical amount of time spent brushing teeth, millions still suffer from chronic bad breath. The reason is simple, they aren’t using the right tools to get the job done right.

Do you have bad breath?

We all know a person or two that emits less than appealing aromas while talking. What if that person is also you?

Avoid the awkward breath checks

Make efforts to avoid the pitfalls of countless bad breathers with the uniquely designed SoFresh Tongue Cleaner.

A better tool to get the job done

The tongue is a proven bastion for odor emitting bacteria. These bacteria are often the cause behind a person’s chronic bad breath. Many people forgo the cleansing of the tongue or utilized their toothbrush to dislodge the bacteria. This method is ineffective and often leads to a dirtier toothbrush rather than a cleaner mouth.

The scooping shape of the SoFresh Tongue Cleaner is designed to effectively and efficiently remove the bacteria. Providing a better clean for significantly better breath.

Get Your Breath Fresh with the one of a kind SoFresh Tongue Cleaner.


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