Knitted Hat – Free Size

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Knitted Hat – Free Size


Knitted Hat that provides warmth and protection while looking trendy

What is NEORON?
Neoron fiber is designed with precise technology in Japan.  The fibers have the ability to retain body heat and keep you warm while releasing moisture, letting go of the humidity to keep you warm and dry.  Negative static electricity and negative ions are generated when the fibers get in touch with your skin, providing head-to-toe care for you and your family.  The retardant material is also able to contain flame outspread.  Embrace quality living with this exclusive innovation today!

Live Life With Neoron!

Polyvinyl Chloride (Nefful Neoron) - 63%
Acrylic                                          - 34%
Wool                                             - 2%
Polyurethane                            - 1%

Excellent Heat Insulation
NEORON is a fiber with low heat conductivity.  It has excellent heat insulation capabilities to prevent loss of body heat, keeping your body temperature consistent.

Superior Moisture Permeability
When fibers are wet, water will evaporate, taking some of the heat away from the material.  Therefore, your body temperature will drop.  NEORON fiber does not absorb water or perspiration.  It dries quickly, keeping skin dry, comfortable and warm.

Ultra Strong Negative Static Electricity Negative Ions
NEORON fiber will generate negative static electricity, negative ions through friction, by rubbing against the skin or other fibers.

Outstanding Flame Retardancy
NEORON is a retardant material that is able to contain the spread of flames.  The NEORON bedsheets and blankets are recognized as a fire retardant product by Japan Fire Retardant Association.


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