SoFresh Travel Flossing Toothbrush – Each

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SoFresh Travel Flossing Toothbrush – Each


Floss & Brush At One Go For People Always-On-The-Go
Foldable & Compact Design
Assorted Colours – Mix & Match

Floss & Brush At One Go For Travellers (Foldable & Compact Design)

To enhance your daily flossing/brushing routine

*  Bristles are made of special micro-textured “Poly Buthyl Teleputalate” specially chosen for greater softness, elasticity and less abrasive on the gum line and tooth enamel than your normal nylon or plastic bristles.

*  Longer and tapered bristles to remove invisible bacteria and plaque between teeth to protect the gums and prevent bad breath.

*  Shorter and rounded bristles to massage the gums.

Dentists highly recommend soft bristles and a new toothbrush every 3 month or sooner for hygiene reasons.


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