Travel Combo Pack (Foldable & Compact Design)

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Travel Combo Pack (Foldable & Compact Design)


For People Always On-The-Go (Foldable & Compact Design)

Consist of 1 unit Travel Tongue Cleaner and 1 unit Flossing Toothbrush


For People Always On-The-Go
Travel Tongue Cleaner/Flossing Toothbrush (Foldable & Compact Design)
The SoFresh Travel Tongue Cleaner has a unique, concave head with a scraping edge specially designed, fitting the shape of the tongue to clean all the way to the back where most of the bacteria and decaying food particles stick.

Floss & Brush At-One-Go

To enhance your daily flossing/brushing routine.
Bristles are made of special micro-textured “Poly Buthyl Teleputalate” specially chosen for greater softness, elasticity and less abrasive on the gum line and tooth enamel than your normal nylon or plastic bristles.

Benefits of Tongue Scraping

Beside preventing bad breath, proper digestion begins with taste and salivation. Not removing toxic mucus on the tongue can lead to blocked taste buds.  Scraping  build-up coating the tongue will open up its pores and result in greater enjoyment of food flavors, as well as digestion.

The unique concave head of SoFresh Tongue Cleaner easily reaches the back of the tongue to scrape off food debris and bacteria.


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