Ultraviolet Portable Sterilizer

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Ultraviolet Portable Sterilizer


Destroy bacteria and viruses WITHOUT any chemicals.  The UV Portable Sterilizer uses high-frequency UV light to instantly kill harmful micro-organisms by breaking the bonds between molecules and disrupting their DNA.

Disinfect with a Light touch

If only you can conveniently zap disease-causing microorganisms with just light.  It’s possible with the handy UVC Sterilizer.

Bacteria and viruses lurk on every surface and object, even in hospitals which are more thoroughly cleaned than most other places. Think of all the things you and your family touch everyday - phones, tablets, remote controls, keyboards, books, door handles, toilet seats - and that’s just within the home.

With our newfound awareness of the dangers from , many of us are armed with disinfectant sprays and antibacterial wipes. While better than nothing, these don’t offer full protection, plus the chemicals they contain might dry skin or cause irritation when constantly used. Here’s where ultraviolet light technology can save the day.

UV light sanitizers have been trending for a while now as a proven protective tool. High-frequency UV light rays kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA. Interlinking chemical bonds between molecules are broken resulting in viruses being torn apart and instantly destroyed.

Sanitizing everything from seat to pillow; bag to keys, mattress and quilt couldn’t be easier.  Portable enough to be carried everywhere, simply move the UVC Sterilizer slowly over the object as if you are scanning it.  Repeat a few times for best results.  A USB cable for charging is included.

Uses of UV light

UVC light has been employed for a variety of disinfection purposes, including for sterilizing medical equipment as well as surface and air disinfection in food manufacturing factories.  UV light technology is used in many industrial applications as it is chemical-free and proven to be effective.

Attached Tech Specification and User Manual >>> https://bit.ly/UvcUserManual


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